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Tarpaulins in Perth

Tarpaulins in Perth

Custom Manufactured from quality fabrics A & B Canvas Australia are the tarpaulin experts. Manufacturing tarpaulins and protective covers for 40 years we have your needs covered. Industrial tarpaulins and specialized textile covers are not just a simple matter of one size fits all.

There are a host of different materials that will determine the longevity, usefulness and budget of the tarpaulin you require

When choosing your tarpaulin or cover you need to consider such thins as:

When choosing a tarpaulin manufacturer you need to consider all these factors so that's why we have developed a comprehensive guide to industrial textiles. This guide will give you the information you require to make an informed decision for your next purchase. Download it Now!

In our harsh sun you need to be sure that that tarpaulin you are buying is UV stable. A Perth transport company purchased some cheap imported tarpaulins for temporary protection of some equipment they were storing in their yard. After a matter of weeks the tarpaulins began to break down. Literally fall apart, the particles spread themselves far and wide creating an environmental disaster.

Covering and Protecting Western Australia for three Generation A & B Canvas Australia is the premier tarpaulin manufacturer in Perth. We manufacture tarpaulins from canvas, PVC or polyethylene to any size or shape imaginable.

Tarpaulins or Tarps are an inexpensive alternative when you need to protect anything from the sun, wind, rain or even just dust.

Remember not every tarpaulin is equal and yes you do get what you pay for. Heavy duty tarpaulins for road transport demand a strong robust canvas or PVC where as a static cover for some equipment in the year will suffice with a lightweight polyethylene tarpaulin, then there are sorts of tarpaulin textiles in between. Let us know your end use and purpose and our expertise will recommend the right product for the job. Industrial fabrics or Industrial Textiles manufactured to your requirements, bags, covers, tarpaulins, tension structures, A & B Canvas Australia is your tarpaulin specialists.

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