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Radiant heat shield in a Perth car

Radiant Heat Shield Manufacturing in Perth

A & B Canvas Australia pioneered Radiant Heat Protective blankets and coined the common use name of the Drop Down Curtain, for use in fire fighting and have been manufacturing them in Perth for over 20 years.

Radiant Heat blankets are a barrier of fire-proof textile with a highly reflective coating. These blankets are deployed in a burn-over situation to provide protection to the crew whilst taking haven within the cab of the fire fighting vehicle. The Aluminised reflective surface gives superior radiant heat reduction with the fire barrier properties of a flexible textile that enables the curtains to be rolled and stored unobtrusively when not in use, always at the ready in a moments notice.

In the mid 1980’s after the tragic Ash Wednesday firestorms in Victoria and South Australia, A & B Leather and Canvas (as we were then known) along with FFE (Fire Fighting Enterprises now Chubb Fire and Safety) worked with both the CFS and CFA in the development of “Crew Cab Blankets” to give the rural fire fighters added protection if they found themselves in a burn over situation.

These early blankets were on the crew haven area immediately behind the cab and were manufactured with a double layer of fire-proof textiles being an aluminised fiberglass front with a heavy fiberglass cloth (WeldStop) backing. WeldStop was developed for the metal fabrication industry, it will hold molten steel and allow it to cool without burning through the fabric.

With the help of the manufacturer of the raw textile (TBA Textiles), lighter and better fabrics became available and these blankets evolved to include Drop Down Curtains within the cab of the vehicles. These originally were an aluminum coated fiberglass and then evolved to aluminum coated pre-oxidised acrylic fabric and were developed by us along with Chubb SA and CFS South Australia to fit unobtrusively with in the cab and enable quick deployment in the time of need.

In recent times A & B Canvas Australia along TBA Textiles have worked to fulfill standards set by RFS NSW to secure the safety rating needed to protect our fire fighting men and women.

The new blankets are a four layer system consisting of:

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