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Leather Goods & More in Perth

A & B Canvas Australia started business over 50 years ago as the manufacturing arm of Hugo Fisher which later became FFE (Fire Fighting Enterprises) who are now Chubb Fire and Safety. We have gone through some changes ourselves after breaking away from FFE. First as A & B Manufacturing, then to A & B Leather & Canvas and now since 1990‘s A & B Canvas Australia.

Leather Goods, as our previous name suggests was a large part of our business. Although the introduction of new improved textiles meant that some leather goods are now made with innovative textiles. However, there are still reasons to continue to utilise leather and we have kept the skills necessary to still be a premier manufacturer of industrial leather products. Leather, a naturally strong and non synthetic product has many advantages that synthetic fibres cannot replicate. Fire proof leather is used for welding blankets, welders protective clothing, fire blankets, spats, arm guards and aprons and many other fire proof product. Leather still gives unrivaled protection for it’s weight.

Belts and straps are still made from leather as it is more appealing than the synthetic webbings available. A & B Canvas Australia manufacture leather bags, pouches and tool belts and frogs from the fines grades of industrial leather available on the planet. For this reason leather was used as armor back in the good old days! The glory days of this natural material may be over but we still can’t live without it.

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