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Fire protection gloves in Perth

Fire Protection Equipment in Perth

A & B Canvas Australia’s humble beginnings was as the manufacturing arm of Hugo Fisher, who later became FFE (Fire Fighting Enterprises) who are now Chubb Fire and Safety. So right from the start we have been and continue to have fire safety at our core.

Manufacturing furnace coats and gloves along with other specialised products A & B Canvas Australia have teamed with TBA Textiles to bring to the Western Australian industries a range of options when it comes to very specialised textiles

TBA's textiles and yarns are manufactured using the latest high technology fibres including para-aramid, meta-aramid, fire resistant rayon, glass fibre, pre-oxidised acrylic, and the brands Kevlar, Twaron, Panox, Nomex, Conex, Basofil, Kynol, Dyneema and Spectra. These fibres are just a small selection of the fibres and materials that we use. Weldstop (R) fibreglass fabric is used in fire blankets, it will hold molten steel allowing it to cool with out burning through the textile. Kevlar (R) fabrics are used where there is high abrasion resistance required. A & B Canvas are your specialised textiles specialists!

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