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Bellows & Concertina Dust Boots in Perth

Dust, dirt, grime and salt will destroy the shaft of any ram pretty quickly. With a custom made Bellows or Concertina Dust Boot your asset is protected. Custom made Bellow saves you money by protecting your costly equipment form environmental erosion. For Dust Boots, Collapsable loading socks, Scissor Lift Skirts look no further.

Scissor Lift Skirt: The importance of a Scissor Lift Skirt or bellows, really doesn’t need explaining. Reduce the chance of injury by completely guarding the moving parts of any scissor lift or hydraulic ram. Scissors lifts are extremely dangerous when it comes to pinch point accidents. Scissor lift skirts provide proper guarding, most accidents result in crushing or severing of hands and fingers when the operator or bystander is caught unaware. Our scissors lift skirting and bellows follow the movement of the lift table to guarantee protection through the complete cycle of the lifting operation. Not only are you protecting your self and your staff but also the lift mechanism itself. Accordion scissors lift skirtis protect the mechanism of the lift itself by preventing dirt and debris from collecting in the scissors areas. Reduce costly downtime and mechanical repairs simply by having the right protection installed and the right protection is a bellows or scissor lift skirt manufactured by A & B Canvas Australia. If required, we can install your cover too.

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